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Team Management

Team Management

You have built this really great team of people that all have different costs because of their individual specialties and market demand. Depending on the project you will be able to better utilize your people by knowing who is available at what time at a rate that fits in your overall budget.

This is done by setting:


You can store skills for each person in your agency. When building the right team for a project, Sheldon will allow you to search people by skill to make sure the right people are on the project.


In order to make a profit on the project you will need to choose the person that will allow you to do so by comparing cost to project rates.


Sheldon knows where your people are spending their time, so he knows who's available to help you out and when. This is key when deciding if you can take on a project and get it done on time.

Planned vs. Actuals

The key to agency delivery is to see if you are following your plans correctly. Sheldon allows you to create project plans and see if your team is on track. It allows you to see if your team is spending the amount of time you had planned on the project. It also allows you to plan company revenue and see if you're hitting financial targets.

See the comparison in:
Graph outlining where the project was projected to go and where it is current at in the process.


As employees track their time within Sheldon, you will be able to see who is working on what project and if it matches your plans.


Employee utilization also means you're generating revenue. See if your agency is making the money on the project that it expects to.


Budget burndowns show how fast you're spending your project budget to see if you're ahead or behind schedule. 
Tracking your profit margin for success

Profit Margin

Turning a profit is key to scaling your agency. By setting the rates on projects and the costs of each of your team members, Sheldon will quickly tell you if you're making a profit margin on the project or not. Since making payroll can be nerve-wracking, Sheldon will also roll these numbers into an agency-wide view so you know how much you're making.

This is seen on:

Project Rates & Team

When setting up project rates, you will be able to compare your team to the rates to make sure you will be making a profit margin on each of your people.

Project Status

The project status will give you a planned vs. actual comparison of the margin that you are making on the project. This allows you to make changes if necessary to maximize your earnings per project.


Per profit margins are nice, but agency-wide margins are nicer! See the big picture of how much profit your agency is making and react accordingly.

Time Tracking

It can be boring, but it pays the bills! Time tracking is the cornerstone to how all of the great features that Sheldon has to offer become possible. We have a fresh new take on what time tracking should look like. Providing a whole month view allows you to quickly see what's been logged for a person or a project and that it's consistent. Consistency is key to accurate projections and forecasts.

Sheldon provides:
Calendar view of time tracking screen

Bulk Time Entry

Logging time entries one day at a time is a pain! And reducing pain means that your staff is more likely to log time. Sheldon lets you log a chunk of time in one shot, even a whole month!

Per Project Timesheets

Viewing time entries one person at a time can be cumbersome if you're trying to pinpoint why your plan went off track. Sheldon provides a project view of time entries so that you can see if anyone has missed a time entry on a particular project.

Detailed Work Reports

Some clients want you to keep detailed reports of all the work you have done for a project. Sheldon time entries allow you to log notes to all of you work. These notes are then combined into a work report that can be exported to PDF and sent to your client.
Invoice your clients right from Sheldon without worrying about cross referencing numbers


Effortlessly make invoices right inside Sheldon! You are able to make detailed invoices for your clients that can be modified for either time-and-material or fixed price projects. By using this invoicing option you are limiting the chance of billing problems and integration headaches by simply taking the data that you have already built and inputting it in an invoice to export.

This is done with:

Custom Branding

Just upload your logo and Sheldon will include it in the invoice it generates for your clients. A few clicks and you will have a beautiful branded invoice to send your client.

Flexible Adjustments

Everyone bills differently and makes different arrangements with their clients on how they should be paid. Sheldon invoices allow you to create flexible adjustments to all invoices including discounts and fixed price payments.

Export to PDF

Send your invoices directly to clients by exporting them to a PDF when you're ready. The sooner you get paid, the better!


Getting started with a software product doesn't have to be like jumping onto a speeding train. Sheldon provides intuitive onboarding dialogs and overlays throughout the usage of the tool. Tutorials allow you to get oriented with every page in just a few clicks. Don't need help? No problem, you can skip any of the onboarding at any time.

This includes:
Getting set up for a product doesn't have to be like jumping onto a speeding train

Custom Work Schedules

Agencies work on different days of the week and for different durations. Whether you work six hour days, or prefer to work on Saturday instead of Friday, just let Sheldon know and he'll take it into account in all of his calcuations.  

Data Imports

At the present moment, Sheldon will allow you to import your company data from Harvest if you have an account there. You can also import holidays so that we don't take those into account when calculating utilization. We plan to add more import sources soon so stay tuned!

Page Tutorials

Navigating a new product can be hard, Sheldon has pointers on almost every page to help you get started and find your flow.
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